As a Recruiter I’ve asked this question hundreds of times. It’s a simple question that often leads to anything-but-simple answers. These answers open a window into what people seek from work. It illuminates their drivers, and helps you understand what they truly value from their job. There is another reason this has always been my favorite interview question: curiosity.

I’ve always been curious about different professions – how difficult are they to master? What separates good from great? What’s interesting? What sucks?

Asking “what’s the best part of your job?” gave me a sense of what it’s like to be a Product Manager, a Designer, or a Marketing Executive. It satisfied a certain professional curiosity about what it might be like to work in those fields.

“Best Part of My Job” is a new project highlighting individuals and their career stories. These stories will span a diverse mix of fields and professions. The audio clips will be formatted into a podcast that will live on SoundCloud and iTunes.

The project will highlight stories from the world of work, exploring different career paths to share wisdom and experience across a broad range of professions.

I’ll be featuring a new story each week. Wants to share yours? Click the button below to learn how.